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Meet Linda June Rettinger de Arballo
                    June Rettinger de Arballo Psychic Medium Shamanic
                    Sedona Arizona

Linda June Rettinger de Arballo
Linda June, is a highly respected Intuitive,
working closely with her Native American and Mexican
 heritage on her mothers side. 

Maria Ines Rettinger   Maria Ines Rettinger de Arballo de

Linda's Mother, Maria Ines Arballo de Murga, was born in 1922 in
a small adobe farm house in San Andres Mexico.  She came to the
at the age of 24 when she married Linda's father, Charles Rettinger. 

Linda's Great Grandmother Mama Nella was a full blooded Chiricahua Apache.
She was taken from her tribe for marriage at the age of 15 by Juan El Duro from Spain when
he learned the Apache Tribe would not allow him to marry her because he was not Apache. 
Years later Juan El Duro was finally found by the tribe and shot and killed with an arrow
for taking his bride;  afterwards they learned they had 7 children. 
The family's last name is Murga.

Mama Nella raised the children by herself with some support from the tribe. 
The children were mostly men and were good friends of Pancho Villa before the
Mexican revolution.  The Murga family financed a large portion of Mexican
revolution with Pancho Villa therefore helping history be made.   These men
bacame Pancho Villa's right hand men and Generals. 

Later the Murga family were not happy with how Pancho Villa was running
things and considered parting ways.  Someone shared this news with Pancho
 Villa and he was angered by the news!  He ordered Every Male with the last name
of Murga to be killed down to the babies.  He did kill Ines's Grandfather and one
of his brothers.  The rest of the men went into hiding for years until Pancho
Villa was killed at the hands of another man. 

The story of this family has been written many times in the Mexican newspapers
as they are a part of the history of Mexico.  As it has been told down the family
line, Mama Nella has passed the information that she was Geronimo's Grand daughter. 
All we have is  her word on this information, but the newspapers do say she is of the
Chiricahua Apache Indian Tribe. 

Maria Ines Arballo de Murga de Rettinger passed early summer Solstice
morning in her sleep June 2011 at the age of 89.

La Familia Murga

La Familia Murga de Mama Nella

Papa Chon
Great Grandfather of Linda June

He is standing next to his wife
in top row to the
right in the photo of Mama Nella and the Murga family above.

"Papa Che" on left, Jose Arballo
  Linda June's Grandfather
who also fought with Pancho Villa

There is a song about the 3 Revolutionaries and Jose Arballo is
mentioned in the song as one who would never show his emotions.

 Jose Arballo married his 1st cousin,  Guadalupe Murga de Terran.
Jose was the son of Papa Chon's wifes sister, and he married
Papa Chone and his wifes daughter.

Mama P. Guadalupe Murga de Terran

Linda June's Grandmother, Guadalupe Arballo de Murga de Terran

Charles & Ines Rettinger wedding
Charles & Ines Rettinger
Charles and Ines resided in Albuquerque New Mexico where
they raised their family of four children.

Linda's father Charles Rettinger was born in 1903 in Indiana and is
of German decent with a bit of Irish. 
Charles father migrated to
the states from Germany with his parents as a young boy and
became a large farmer in Indiana with his wife and 2 boys. 
served in WWII in Saudi Arabia and befriended the local
peoples, learned the language and became an interpreter for the
United States.   He spoke fluent Arabic, Farsi, as well a 4 other
languages.  After his stay in Saudi Arabia he took the Muslim
teachings to heart and followed those teachings for the rest of
his life.  All his vacation time was spent where ever the Muslims
traveled from the pyramids in Egypt to Spain.  Although he never
claimed to be Muslim to the family, it was apparent.  He was also a
Poet, artist, ancient Arabic & Persian coin collector and a man
who followed his passions.  he passed in Jan 1992 at the age of 89.

Charles Rettinger Arab garb

Charles Rettinger

                    Rettinger 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Montazuma's
Linda June Rettinger de Arballo

Linda Rettinger was born 1960 in Albuquerque New Mexico.
Her mother didn't speak much English, so instead of reading
story books to Linda she would tell the stories of the family
history and all the true ghost stories of the family.  So from an early
age Linda understood the way of the two worlds and how closely
it intermixes with the world we live in as earth spirits. 

Linda comes from an intuitive family of seeers.  From these stories
and talks with her mother it was clear to stay on the side of the light,
and to stay clear of the dark work, only the good, and Linda June
takes this to heart in all of her work and teachings.

As a young person Linda always followed her intuition and allowed it to
guide her through her life.  She saw her first spirit at around 6 years old
so she knew then for herself  how close our walk together is, and
at this time also understood the role the dream world offers our lives

Linda June and her
Mother would visit the family in Mexico quite often so she
was raised bilingual as the family in Mexico did not speak any English. 
Her family in Mexico was always aware of the spirit world and brought
it up as normal conversation on a regular basis, so it was more a way
of life living among both worlds in the family.

Linda June has gone back to the family and offered profound clearings
for her family, and led the family in an ancestral release ceremony for
all of the family killing family in the past, the running and hiding, and all
that had happened to our ancestors including Geronimo and what he and
his whole tribe went through as well, which is also a lot of killing and running!

When we did the clearings everyone down to the youngest child could see
the smoke bellowing out of the people being cleared, and could see
things moving out of their bodies as the clearings proceeded. 

When Linda returned from that trip with her family, it opened up
something in her clearings where other people could see all these things
going on, where before only she could see them.  One summer she
worked in Bermudaand offered clearing there and it seemed to open up
another partwhere even the people being cleared could see things
moving outof their bodies and smoke moving out as well.

Linda has dedicated her life to her spiritual work and supporting
the spiritual community.  She now resides in Sedona Arizona, and is
passionate and authentic about her work, as it shows in her
offerings as  a massage therapist, an energetic healer, message
dreamer, teacher, and event coordinator.

Through her website “Meaningful Things”  Linda June supports the
spiritual community posting  many spiritual events for Arizona and
surrounding areas to keep the community in touch.  She feels it's
very important for people of like mind to gather together and
form a community and friendships and to grow from the knowledge
gained from the events and Indigenous teachers of the world.

She is feels very close to the Native American culture and practices
in that direction as well as incorporating South American teachings. 
Linda June offers personal clearings as well as home and land clearing that
are thorough and powerful allowing information for each clearing
to be spirit guided.

She hosts workshops and talks highlighting Indigenous peoples from
around the world, allowing their valuable information to be passed on.
These are viewed more as a fundraiser for the indigenous person to
offer support for them to continue their spiritual work.
  Linda feels in
alignment with the work of the International Council of 13 Indigenous
Grandmothers and offers her support in what ever way she ca

Linda June Belt
                          and feather