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Linda June Rettinger de Arballo

Linda June Rettinger de Arballo

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Personal Clearings
Home Clearings
Business clearings

Massage Therapy
Fiscal Ritual (Birthday) Ceremonies
Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling
Workshops with Indigenous Elders
Connect With Your Tools Session
A little More about Linda Rettinger


Personal Clearings
Business Clearings
Home Clearings
Land Clearings

Linda June offers very thorough and powerful clearings for individuals,
  home's, business's,
or land.

                Rettinger Gourd Shaker

A personal Clearing is for an individual to release what may be holding
them back, or what they have been holding on to, or release what we came in
this life with from a past life.  These clearings may also bring in what is missing.
A clearing may take approx one and a half to 2 hours.  After a clearing you will
feel lighter and clearer of mind, where you can see the next steps ahead of you
very clearly, and feel a sense of being in your body without someof the things
that may have held you back before.  You could say it clears the path for you.
Many people feel physical healing and others feel such a sense of direction they
move forward on their dreams and visions for their life.  Many people have returned
and said they are doing what they are doing now because of the clearing they had.
A motavation takes over like, I can do it, and they do!
We work very closely with your ancestors, guides, angels and those who have
your best interest in mind who help guide you.  You may meet your ancestors,
guides or a totem animal during the session, many things can happen but each
experience is unique to each person.  I can do this session by skype or in person.

A Home Clearing is done at the location of the home and although I can do
a distance clearing I prefer to do this clearing in person.   A home can hold many
energies or spirits.  Most homes don't have spirits residing there but all homes
have energies that can be cleared of the people who have lived there before,
energies of people living there now, energies of things that happened on the land
before the home was built, and energies from the earth.
In a home clearing I ask that everyone that is present be involved in the clearing so
there are no bystanders.  I offer a shortened version of a personal clearing for the
people who live in the home because many times the people attract the energy to them
that are in the home.  So clearing the people in the home with the home makes a
complete and
thorough clearing. 
I have cleared homes that are for sale and the energyof the past tenant (good or bad)
is cleared and the home is a clean slate for the new tenant, and you can feel that
freshness when you enter the home.  I have helped sales from clearings like this.

A Business Clearing is done at the location of the business day to day activities.
This clearing is so important to have done periodically as so many different energies are
involved in a business from the people who work there, the people who do business there,
and the energy focused on the business from the general public.
I have cleared many businesses, and sevral spas, and the difference after the
clearing is substantial.  One time I cleared a spa and it felt so different the HR
department wanted to be cleared! 

A Land Clearing is done to release the land of any energies of things that may have
happened there in the past, or to soften the energies of the area.  Sometimes tragic
experiences have happened on a piece of land and spirits are still there or the energies
remain.  A clearing of this type honors the land and all who have been involved with it. 
I feel it's even a good idea to do a land clearing before building on it, and again
before anything is moved in.  Then after all is moved in offer a blessing.


Massage Therapy
Since 1979
                Rettinger Massage therapist Sedona Aizona

Massage therapy has been a passion since I  was a young girl
charging ice cream cones and quarters for a massage at age 5 to my
family.  As long as I can remember I have had my hands on people 
At the age of 19 I moved to Washington State and experienced an enormous
flow of energy that moved through my hands and body, and I felt like I had to
have my hands on the human body working the muscles and tissues,
experimenting on different techniques for hours at a time.  I would go
looking for someone to massage if I didn't have a body to work on
I studied anatomy on my own from library books, drawing the muscles
and taking notes that I followed as I worked on people.  I made my living at the
time as a sign painter and graphic design before computers did the job for you.
In 1986 I moved to Phoenix Arizona and made it my home.  I found out I needed
a license and went to West Wind Massage acadamy and received my massage
license, and have been in the field full time since then. 
My technique is unique as I specialize in deep tissue massage, but only use my hands,
no elbows.  I always say the pressure is just right for each individual.  My pressure is
consistent, but gentle and caring, and very
thorough.  My philosophy in working with
the muscles is to work with them and not against them.  It can certainlyt be a deep
tissue massage but you won't be in pain the whole time and will be able to relax into it.  

When asked ahead of time I can do a back reading at no additional charge, which helps
 in seeing where our tension comes from or how our make-up, or thought processes
effects our muscles.  The muscles tell all because they hold all of our thoughts and
emotions.  Sometimes it's good to hear so we can understand ourselves and our
thought processes better.  I don't feel this back reading is a phychic reading, I can
tell these things by the way the muscle holds it's tension.  The muscles hold tension
from what we bring in, the massage takes care of it after the fact, so the back reading
shows clearly where the tension came in from, or if there is a lack of tension it says
something about you as well!  It is 100% accurate each time and very interesting.
I can also incorporate energy work into your treatment if asked ahead of time. 
Healing Energy Work is also offered but it is considered spiritual work.  Many years ago
while doing massage I noticed how we can enter the body and work with what is beneath
the skin.  I began working with this healing energy and have had wonderful results.  I have
found that I have an affiliation with tumors and have had good results with them.  I can also
work with other health issues as well.


Fiscal Ritual Ceremonies
For Your Personal New Year, Your Birthday!
Fiscla Ritual layout
This Birthday Ceremony is to be done on, or near your birthday.  I developed this as a spirit
guided journey to set your intentions for your personal new year, your birthday!

I see our birthday as one of the most important days of
our personal year.  It is the day you chose to come into this earth through
the parents you chose, in a particular country and city, where the
stars were set at that moment creating your astrological chart, and
your birth sign.  basically the stage for your life was set when you
came in to this world.  There is nothing more important than that. 
Each year is a new opportunity to take inventory as to where you
were the year past, where you are at present, and where you intend
to go in the following year; set your intentions for the coming

year, and leave behind what doesn't serve you

The Fiscal Ritual may be purchased as a kit to do at your own
pace, or given as a unique gift. 
Or you may schedule an
appointment to have the Fiscal Ritual
done with Linda as
your Facilitator, which includes a clearing,
and a tea ceremony, and a Native
Prayer song for your birthday prior to the Ritual.   Set aside 2 hours for this one.
Each item that is used is cleared and blessed for your intentions,
leaving the items clear and open for your Fiscal Ritual.
If you are giving this kit as a gift to someone, you may add in a
fetish, crystal or another gift in addition.
The price depends on
the types of items that are added.

I am also available for interactive group birthday ceremonies which includes the
Native prayer song, and blessings for your new year. 


Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling

Rose and hand

I offer spiritual counseling to to individuals of all walks
of life as well as various levels of spiritual work.  I am sensitive
to your issues, and approach them in a unique manner that
many times offers a new perspective and direction. 
This is also a spirit guided session. 
Another variation to this work, is when one is feeling like they
need direction in offering their spiritual work, or feel a need
to go further or deeper in their work from what they they are
currently doing.


Workshops with Indigenous Elders, Healers,

Wisdom Keepers and Spiritual teachers from around the globe.

These are called, "Meaningful Things Productions" and are
intended to be fundraisers for the teachers to continue their
and their spiritual work.


Connect With Your Instruments Session
Swirley Rattle
We all have tools or instruments that are new to us or that we have had in our space
for a while, such as a fans, herbs, crystals, rattles, drums etc.  Some items speak louder to
us than others and you may feel a desire to use a tool but don't know what to do with it! 
If you feel drawn to something you should see what it is trying to tell you, and it is time for
you to begin connecting with that nstrument if you are drawn to each other.

Even if you do not have a tool but desire to acquaint yourself with using some
tools, we can together find out what is best suited for you, or even a new modality.

This session entails much discussion, intuitive insight, hands on with
some tools, some short meditation, and could possibly call for
some clearing to be done.  Each session is unique and individual.


A little More about Linda Rettinger...

Linda calls herself a "Passer of Information", whether it's
her personally passing the information, or if it's through an Indigenous
sharing information at one of her workshops, talks, or events.
Through her website she also posts all spiritual events that are going on
in Arizona as a free service to keep our spiritual community in touch. 
Linda is passionate about supporting our community creating a space
where we meet each other, share our thoughts and knowledge with
each other and raise each other up. 

Linda has a facebook page where you can keep in touch, she 
asks that you offer a message as to where you heard of her.  She
really wants to know what people are up to and mostly friends people
who are interested in building the community.

The Meaningful Things Community is facilitated by Linda June.
She finds or creates events where we can all learn something
and meet the community.  Most events are free or self guided
donation, and some have a nominal fee, but they are all worth going to.

At any of Linda June's  gatherings or events, you can feel the sense of
community where no person is above another, and are all in support
of each other, as it should be.

Sedona Arizona

Thanks for taking the time to browse my website!
Hope to see you at one of my events, or for a session!

Linda June Rettinger de Arballo