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Meaningful Things of Sedona

Meaningful Things of Sedona

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Blessing Ceremony

A Blessing Ceremony may be offered with one or more people and as a group experience as well.  Many times a group may have a blessing Ceremony to start off their Sedona journey or as a closing ceremony.

It may be offered for a family, a couple or an individual for a specific reason or something you need a blessing for.  Could be a birthday, motivation, inspiration, entering a new cycle, A bachelorette or bachelor party honoring the new cycle with support of his or her friends, moving through a loss of a loved one.

This Blessing Ceremony may include readings that come in, teachings, and a prayer song.  Each one is unique to each group or person, but the teachings are based on Indigenous and amamist teachings, working with your ancestors, guides and seeing our life as a spiritual journey.  It is a unique and meaningful experience.



Prices may vary depending on how many people will be present.  90 minutes to 2 hours recommended.

  • 60 minute $225
  • 90 minute $335
  • 2 hours $435

Moon Cycle Ceremonies

As we honor the cycles of the moon through ceremony it may be offered in a private setting, a few people or as a group experience.

A New moon ceremony is a meaningful way to honor this stage of the moon where the dark side of the moon is facing the earth offering a window of time for us to go within and do our inner work as we set our intentions and prayer.

A full moon ceremony is a time when the moon expresses its peak of light at its fullest bringing an opportunity for us to express ourselves and release making room for what we would like to come to fruition or starting an action of what we want to manifest.


June is a minister with the Web of Life Animist Church in Tucson, Arizona and offers officiant services for weddings.  She can add additional services such as an altar and other ceremonial blessings for the couple and can also include an experiential ceremony where the guests are involved as well.

Please inquire for the level of services needed and pricing.  We do not offer the entire wedding planning but can suggest various people in town that would be able to help you with services or supplies needed.

Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony or re-commitment ceremony can be performed with one couple or many couples.  It is a beautiful way to confirm a commitment with-in a relationship that is deeply meaningful and powerful.  For any single friends or relatives present there is something for everyone to participate offering blessings for the couple or couples.

Inquire for pricing which may vary on the location.  May also be performed remotely.

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