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Meaningful Things of Sedona

Meaningful Things of Sedona

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New Home Blessing

A personal clearing is a spiritual and energetic cleansing of what you may have brought with you into this life and what you may have collected in this lifetime that no longer serves you.  I don’t see what I’m clearing always as negative energy but more of clearing what you don’t need.  After a clearing you will feel very clear minded and feeling very light with a clear sense of direction of where you are going and what you are doing.  You may feel tired afterwards or a bit sleepy.

It clears away obstacles that may be holding you from moving forward, and has been known to help with depression and lethargy.  In the duration of this clearing you may see smoke releasing from your body or other things coming out as well.  We work with your ancestors and spiritual guides and at times past life’s come forward.

Many people in these sessions connect with their ancestors, spiritual guides or totem animals.  The clearings can also clear you of any spiritual attachments, or wrong-doing others have placed on you.  The experience is different with each individual, but the results are profound for everyone.

This clearing usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours.  This session may be done with one or two people.

Clearings may be done only in person.



  • 90 minute $335
  • 2 hours $435

Home and Land Clearing

A clearing cleanses the home and land energetically and can also clear any spirit activity or residual energy still occurring on the land or in the home. No worries about your pets in the home, as the clearing begins they know what to do and will settle into the process.

A home clearing is necessary upon moving into a new home to cleanse and balance the energy of the home or moving out of a home as well to cleanse your energy from the home. It is also very helpful for the sale of a home so the feeling is more neutral. A clearing is good to have after construction on a home as this stirs up energy. It’s helpful to have a clearing after someone has passed in the home, after bouts of long difficult times or someone who has brought negative energy in the home has moved out.

Land clearing is good after purchasing and before building occurs.

Price Varies depending on where the home or land is located and may take 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on what comes up. Please inquire. I will also travel to other states to do clearings in person.

Remote sessions for home and land clearings are generally not available but in some cases it may be depending on the situation. Please inquire.

Business Clearing

A business clearing cleanses and balances the energy of the business, the building, the land, communication, flow and balance between the people who work there as well as the clients.  This clearing can also cleanse any spirit activity that may be present as well as any residual energy lingering from past employees or past business that have inhabited the space.  A blessing is done for the intention of the business as it helps and reaches out to the world.

Price Varies depending on where the business is located, please inquire for pricing.

Remote sessions for business clearings are not available.

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