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Meaningful Things of Sedona

Meaningful Things of Sedona

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The group experiences can be facilitated in small groups of 2 people to very large groups. In these experiences June brings drums for the group to use and a big basket of shakers/rattles and drums so everyone can participate. These experiences can be done in the Sedona area, or we can travel to your area as well. They can be as short as ½ hour to 3 hours. For all experiences, please inquire for pricing.

Also see Ceremonies section for more group experiences.

Circle of Life Experience

The Circle of Life Experience is based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel as it takes us through the journey of the circle of our life and offers tools for our present life. We honor the directions and the life-giving elements.  We also connect to the ancestors and totem animals that bring us spiritual direction.

This experience brings on a new reverence for our life journey in a positive way, bringing on a fresh energy as we step forward into our life.  June will offer prayer songs and some drumming as we make our way around the circle. It may be done at a Medicine Wheel, on June’s land or at your location.

This may be done with one person or many.  Ask for a quote for this experience.

Sedona Experience

This experience is a wonderful way to learn about connecting to the land from the eyes of the original peoples of this territory. We will make some prayer bundles and learn how to take care of them at a later time during your stay here in Sedona.

June will sing a Prayer song as the whole group joins in with shakers and drums.  June will share with you some of the special and sacred areas to visit during your stay and the stories of those areas that teach us about life.

This can vary between ½ hour to 2 hours or more depending on how much time you have available, and material can be adjusted for the time.  This is a very interactive, fun, and meaningful experience.

This may be done with one person or many.  Ask for a quote for this experience.


Land Journey

June holds an outfitters guide permit to the Coconino National Forest land issued by the National Forest Service.  June can take you or a small group for an experience on the land on the Sedona Vortex sites and various other locations to do a ceremony on the land and teachings connecting to the land and elements.

Inquire about pricing for your land journey.

Drum Journeys

A drum journey is where only the facilitator drums a rhythmic beat allowing the group to journey with their guides, totem animals and ancestors as they sit or lay comfortably.

June leads the circle before the journey to bring in the intentions and the tone of the circle. All levels of journey experience including no journey experience are welcome. We generally go through 3 journeys, and this will last a period of 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

This can be offered in June’s space or at your location.  Please inquire for pricing.  Only offered in person at this time.

Woman's Circles

June has organized a Woman’s Circle called “the Circle of Sacred Sisterhood” that has various events most every month.  Various local people including on occasion will facilitate the circle with whatever gift they offer the community.

It could be a drum circle, an outing, a sound healing and many other experiences.  It is not limited to the locals of the Sedona area but to all women. Most of the time the general donation is $20, and occasionally varies.

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