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Meaningful Things of Sedona

Meaningful Things of Sedona

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“I have known June for several years now. Her readings, blessings, clearings, are deeply revelatory. I put her in the top tier of people working in this field. She has rare relationships with the indigenous tribes surrounding Sedona, and has incorporated decades of those experiences into her practice. I would highly recommend anyone who works with her to book a full day to visit the Hopi reservation. Or a half day that includes going out into nature, learning about the land, instruments, water, ancient beliefs. There is an old wisdom we are losing in modern life. June is a rare bridge between the worlds. Treasure it.”

Hugh W.

Los Angeles

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I am writing this referral for Ms. June Arballo for her professionalism regarding my recent house/self-clearing.

Short Summary of paranormal activity:

I bought my home in 1998 in Maricopa County.  The house was built in 1977 and is a three-bedroom one-story ranch with two-car garage.  The house had two previous owners. The paranormal activity started the first night I slept in the house, coming from an adjacent bedroom.  The noise sounded like two steel rods the were tensed and then clanged when released. The house always seemed to have an upper floor as I heard spirits walking around on wood floors. The house has a large tall attic, but no wood flooring.  I have heard a man and women talking and a radio playing. Once I went into the garage and heard a spirit get up off the floor, as a small section of the garage attic has a wood floor. Three workmen have slipped and broken the sheet rock in the ceiling and sent the insulation crashing into the house.  One worker fell thru the ceiling completely and crashed into the room.  He shared that he felt like a dark force grabbed him and he fell thru a black hole and hit my floor.

Recent Paranormal activity: Jan/Feb/Mar 2022

  • I was cooking dinner and heard a loud angry banging on the door to the garage, on investigation no one was there and the outside garage door was locked.
  • On afternoon I was watching TV and heard what sounded like a load of rocks crashing down behind my refrigerator, I had heard noise before.
  • One night I was awakened by a bird singing in the closet next to the bed. But it also sounded like a magazine on a gun that was clicking at the same time.
  • On night I was awakened by a monster screaming in the corner of the same bedroom and the clicking of the gun magazine was heard again.
  • Finally, three days later I was again awakened by the monster just screaming in the corner of my bedroom.

In conclusion:

After twenty-four years of the annoyance, I decided it was time to get a professional clear my house.

I have studied most of the Native American tribes in Arizona and read several books on the Hopi Native peoples.  Luckily, I was referred to June Arbello.  Ms. Arballo visited my house in late march 2022 and conducted a Native American clearing of myself and the house and property.  My house has been very quiet and peaceful since that time, going on four months.  Ms. Arballo has a great personality, easy to talk with and gets the results you need.  Jun checked in for several weeks after the clearing to see how the house and I were doing.  We have stayed in touch. I highly recommend June to anyone needing help with a house or self-clearing. 


Tempe, AZ

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