Personal Clearing

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A personal clearing is a spiritual/energetic cleansing of what you may have brought with you into this life and what you may have collected in your lifetime that no longer serves you.  After a clearing you will feel very clear minded and light with a clear sense of direction of where you are going and what you are doing.

It clears away obstacles that may be holding you from moving forward, and has been known to help with depression and lethargy.  In the duration of this clearing you may see smoke releasing from your body or other things coming out as well.  We work with your ancestors and spiritual guides and at times past life’s come forward.

Many people in these sessions connect with their ancestors, spiritual guides or totem animals.  The clearings can also clear you of any spiritual attachments, or wrong-doing others have placed on you.  The experience is different with each individual, but the results are profound for everyone.

This clearing usually takes 2 hours.